Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

The ERA is a diagnostic procedure to determine if the endometrial lining is receptive to embryo implantation at the time of an embryo transfer.

The ERA is indicated for women with recurrent implantation failure in an IVF setting especially after the transfer of good quality/Euploid embryo(s). The testing may be helpful in some cases of recurrent pregnancy loss or if there is a concern with thin endometrial lining.

The ERA is performed in a mock cycle prior to the actual frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET).

The endometrial lining is basically prepared in the same way as in the programmed FET cycle. 

Patients take an average of 2 weeks of estrogen tablets followed by 5 days of overlapping progesterone.

 On the 6th day of progesterone start, patients come in for the procedure. The endometrial biopsy is obtained through a pipelle biopsy curette and it is sent for molecular testing that includes almost 248 genes.

 The ERA results help determine the optimal window of implantation.

Based on the results; the timing for progesterone start is re-evaluated. Either stay on the same day/time of progesterone start OR move the timing of start +/- hours/day accordingly. 

 During the biopsy day: patients are instructed to take ibuprofen 600mg one hour prior to the biopsy. It’s a simple office procedure that takes an average 5-10 minutes.

Easy Result Interpretation

ERPeakSM test results are reported as not-receptive, pre-receptive, receptive, post-receptive or no result. The genetics company will also recommend a time for transfer in cases with pre- or post-receptive results.